Nana by Émile Zola

19th Century Costume History

In this novel by Émile Zola, the female character, Nana, is a seductive young female actress that uses her feminine charms and wit to secure an economic and social status in Paris. The resources that are added to the text include references to 19th century costumes, makeup and destinations mentioned through out the work.

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History of Costume: Nineteenth Century

This project is for the Nineteenth Century Costume program. Graduate students are encouraged to read Nana by Émile Zola.

In the class, students document and analyze all references of a single element of dress, body, or deportment throughout the novel. The goal is to understand how the author positions the chosen piece within the novel's logic.

After reading, students select a topic for a written assignment. The resources added to this project (see below) are links to and images of Paris historical fashions, places, and people within the story.